• 1. Does Agba Car Sales arrange asset finance ?

    Agba arranges asset finance on some of its cars

  • 2. Does Agba Car Sales agree on trade-ins?

    For suitable vehicles Agba can agree on trade-ins.

  • 3. Where does Agba import vehicles from?

    Agba Motors mainly imports from Japan but can import from other places.

  • 4. Can Agba Car Sales import on a client’s behalf?

    Agba can import a car on a client’s behalf.

  • 5. Why do prices vary from one car to the other yet they are of the same model ?

    Prices vary since the conditions and mileage vary for different cars.

  • 6. Does Agba Car Sales offer hire purchase terms?

    Agba offers some cars on hire purchase but with specific terms and conditions.