• 1. Do I need an appointment before I bring in my car for servicing or repairs?

    Scheduling an appointment with our customer service advisor ensures that you get a quote for the service even before you get to the workshop. However, you do not necessarily need to have an appointment as you can choose to drop in if the service you need is not time consuming.

  • 2. Why must I have my car serviced by a reputable dealer?

    You should have your vehicle serviced by a reputable dealer capable of servicing  according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer-approved parts. At Agba, we only use genuine parts.

  • 3. What is the procedure when my car is towed into your workshop in my absence?

    Immediately we get the car, we contact the client to give us directions. This is normally through texts and e-mails.

  • 4. What payment methods does Agba agree to?

    At Agba we accept various methods of payment among them, cash, bank transfer, credit card and pay bill. Cheque payment must await clearance before delivery.

  • 5. How long does it take to do a major service?

    On a busy day, this will only take a full working day. For instance, the car if brought in the morning can be collected in the evening of the same day.  Agba is a state of the art auto service and repair facility with brand specific diagnostic tools, highly trained technicians and an excellent customer service team that you can trust to do great work and give you excellent service whenever you need your car serviced.

  • 6. Is my car cleaned after service or repair?

    All cars serviced by Agba Motors are washed. We clean all the carpets and the interior of the windscreen. This is carried out as a complimentary service.

  • 7. When does my BMW need servicing?

    With most cars, the service intervals are fixed based solely on the distance covered. To ensure that you have your car serviced at the right time, most garages issue a service tag, which indicates the no. of km or miles to be covered before your next visit for service. But between service there may be areas that may require workshop examination. Eg. Warning lights or noise etc.